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5 Reasons you need family photos this year, more than ever

It goes without saying that the year 2020 has been hard for everyone. From job changes, work and school adaptations, home-schooling, virtual learning, mask wearing…. ugh, it’s been a trip. I’m holding onto hope that the last quarter of the year can be better than the first three! I hope that you’ve been able to find snippets of joy in this strange time of life we’re in.

One way that I always find joy is through my family, particularly looking at the professional photos we’ve had taken over the last five years. I cherish these moments in time that my fellow photographers have captured of my family. When things are hard, I love looking at these images because they bring me joy and a sense of belonging in this world.

Today, I’m sharing my top five reasons to have photos taken this fall and a chance to book a Petite Session with me in September, October or November (you can do that here).

Mini session photographer Minneapolis Mini session photographer Minneapolis Mini session photographer Minneapolis

1 – Your family has been through it all this year. I totally get it. Why not celebrate the crazy with photos that remind you of how you made it through the year and can still smile and hug each other? This year deserves to be celebrated, and when you hang these photos on your walls, you should feel a sense of huge accomplishment that YOU DID IT.
Mini session photographer Minneapolis Mini session photographer Minneapolis

2 – Taking photos with your kids and hanging those photos up proudly in your home will give your kids a feeling of belonging and immense love. You love them enough to put their face up on the wall, even though you see them every day (maybe all day, every day). That means something to kids. As they get older, they’ll appreciate that you invested in documenting their childhood for them.

Mini session photographer Minneapolis Mini session photographer Minneapolis

3 – Your spouse may “not like having photos taken”. I’ve heard this SO. MANY. TIMES. and it makes me really sad that families are missing out on documenting year after year of their kid’s lives because of this excuse. I promise, the session goes by in a flash and you can get back to regular life right after! Do it for your wife, do it for your kids. Give them the gift of a precious family photo (can you tell I feel passionate about this one!?)

To the families who I photograph year after year, I really appreciate that this is such an important tradition for them. These dads know what’s up – #makemamahappy
Mini session photographer Minneapolis Mini session photographer Minneapolis

4 – Minnesota in the fall and early winter are so very beautiful. My petite sessions are just 25 minutes long and all outdoors to take advantage of our gorgeous seasons. Whether you do a session in the fall leaves or Christmas tree farm, being outside in nature yields amazing photos and happy, smiling people. If you do a Christmas tree session, you can even cut down your own tree after photos, sip hot cocoa and go home to decorate your tree. It’s a total memory-making experience and I can’t wait to hear how fun this is for the families I’m going to photograph.

Mini session photographer Minneapolis Mini session photographer Minneapolis

5 – Kids change so much in a year. Taking annual photos is an amazing way to document and celebrate those changes. Have a new baby? In a year, they’ll be walking! Do you have a tween? Next year, their braces are going to be off and they’ll have a new smile to show off! If you have older kids with their own children, why not have a three generation photo session? Grandparents play a pivotal role in kids’ lives, and that, too, deserves to be celebrated.

These photos, these moments will be so treasured in the years to come. Don’t wait for the perfect outfit, the perfect haircut, or whatever reason is holding you back. Investing in family photos is something you will always appreciate, and I hope you get started this year!

*To book your petite session, you can do so via this link. I can’t wait to see you and photograph a beautiful session for you and your family.Mini session photographer Minneapolis Mini session photographer Minneapolis

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