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Wardrobe guide for your family session

I know that one of the most challenging parts of a family photo session is pulling together the outfits. From wondering what the weather will be like, to whether your toddler will wear the outfit you’ve carefully chosen for them, there are many unknowns!

I always recommend choosing simple, neutral, light colored clothing. These colors are IDEAL for pretty much every location you could be photographed at. Some fabrics to look for include linen, cottons in creams, beige, taupe. These tones are flattering and bring the attention to your faces, instead of brighter colors detracting from you.

If you’re having photos taken for cards (specifically Christmas cards), remember that while these portraits will make for great holiday cards, keeping them simple will allow them to be used year round and on your walls as beautiful and simple portraits of your children.

These are some of the places I always look when I’m shopping for my own family photos. Don’t forget to shop your closets, too – sometimes you already have the perfect outfit!

Shops for Kids

Zara Kids

Jamie Kay

Quincy Mae

Rylee + Cru

Go Gently Nation

Shops for Women

Christy Dawn

Piper & Scoot






Hats: Gigi Pip

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