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New for Brides – The Heirloom Bouquet

I’m so pleased to introduce a new offering for my 2020 and beyond brides! I’m partnering with The Heirloom Bouquet to offer a modern and unique way to preserve your bouquet. The Heirloom Bouquet is a photo and calligraphy combination that captures your bouquet, and includes a print to display in your home. This is truly a custom piece of art made just for you.

The process is quite simple for brides. At the end of the wedding day, I bring your bouquet home with me to disassemble and photograph the following day. The blooms are still in really good shape the next day. I style each bloom individually and incorporate any greenery from the bouquet, and then photograph it. I then edit and send the image to have calligraphy of each flower added to the image. For the bride, this all happens behind the scenes and the next thing you know, a beautiful print of your bouquet will be shipped directly to you, to hang on your walls.

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