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Your Wedding During COVID

COVID-19 is affecting us all in so many ways. From stay-at-home orders, new ways of interacting with people outside of our immediate families and thinking about things we’ve never had a second thought about before (sanitizing groceries!?), this pandemic is one that will be written about for years to come. It’s changing our lives. And, I think it’s probably fundamentally changing a lot of us in many ways.

Wedding at Aria Minneapolis

One thing I keep thinking about is how weddings will look after this is behind us (and it WILL be behind us). As much as I would love to go photograph a big wedding celebration with hundreds of people, I just don’t know if that’s what we will see in 2020 or even 2021. Oh, how simple it was to take those big weddings for granted. Doesn’t the photo in this post seem so weird with our perspective today – Look at all those people so close together with no semblance of social distancing!?

This shift is going to take some creative thinking. Intimate weddings of 50 or less people are going to become more of the norm. There are so many great venues in Minneapolis that will suit this size wedding. It also gives a lot more room in your budget to invest in what’s most important to you. Photography and videography will be even more important for couples to be able to share their wedding day with people who they weren’t able to invite to attend.

I also believe that our perspective on weddings (and life in general) is going to shift. These celebrations will no longer be rote activities for a Saturday in the summer. Guests and vendors are going to be even more excited to celebrate with couples. I already feel so excited for the first wedding we will get to photograph once this is over! To those of you who are in the middle of rescheduling, know that our hearts are with you. I am always here as a resource if you have questions about what that looks like – please reach out. Until then, stay home and stay safe.

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