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Why Motherhood Photography Matters

Motherhood photography is something that is so near and dear to me, as a mother. Motherhood spans far beyond just a newborn session. It’s amazing how fast little ones grow, and it’s important to capture the stages of their amazing growth and changes. Recently, I took some photos of my own children and I just know they’ll be favorites in years to come.

Having young kids (especially toddlers) is hard work. Sometimes, it feels like thankless work. When I’m picking up macaroni and cheese off the floor, wiping up spilled milk again or enduring a tantrum that feels never-ending, I need to be able to remember these moments. These moments, captured forever by these images, encourage me to keep going. They help me remember the big picture, the work of motherhood is honorable and so very, very important.

While it’s great to have updated photos of your kids, I think it’s even better for you, mama, to be in the photos with them. Let them see how happy you are to be with them, to be their mom.

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