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Preparing for your home newborn session

Home newborn sessions are my favorite type of session for so many reasons. Mainly, it’s great because it’s what is most convenient for you, new parents or parents with a new addition. It’s lovely to include the nursery that you may be working on right now for your little baby. This is the home you’re bringing your baby to and the location where you and baby will be most relaxed!

I think social media / pinterest has a way of intimidating new moms that we must have a perfectly designed or curated home in order to be suitable for a session. Don’t believe that for one second! The ingredient to any beautiful session is 1) the people in it and 2) a setting with good natural light.

Choose a location with lots of natural light

The location of your session is a crucial element of the portrait planning process. I photograph exclusively with natural light, so you have the option of choosing outdoors or indoors providing there is ample window light. For outdoor sessions, I photograph in the softest light which is following sunrise early in the morning, or the hour leading up to sunset in the evening. For indoor sessions, we schedule around later morning or midday. A clean window space, with light or neutral colored walls is best.

Neutral & light colors are timeless

The most important idea to consider when planning the outfits for your newborn session, is that less is more, and simplicity is everything. Simple, neutral colored onesies and rompers often suffice. Textured knit or linen blankets are highly recommended. For mothers I recommend wearing what is most comfortable, often a maxi dress that fit during pregnancy works well as your body is in a season of healing. Knit shawls or sweater cardigans that wrap around your shoulders work really well to add texture, and also flatter your upper arm area if desired.

For fathers, I recommend a solid, neutral colored button up or sweater, with jeans or dress pants. Newborns are usually held by the mother or father during these sessions. Be mindful of outfits that bunch up easily. Head pieces for baby girls are fine to incorporate only if they are not too large or distracting.

Right before your session

It’s a good idea to feed the baby right before the session is set to begin, hoping that this will keep your baby sleepy and content through the session. If not, don’t worry – we will take breaks as needed to make sure baby is happy! The session is approximately one hour in length, so one feed before beginning should be enough. It’s also helpful to turn on your sound machine to help dampen the sound of the camera click.

More session recommendations are sent in a lovely portrait guide once a session is booked with me, full of helpful tips like these. I hope these ideas are helpful to you as you prepare for our session together!

how to prepare for your newborn session

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