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Making the Leap

It’s officially been two months since I quit my job in IT consulting to pursue full-time photography. When we first started our photography business, the goal was always for me to be able to jump from corporate life to self-employment. I took my time making this decision, partially because I actually liked my day job (a blessing!) and partially because I wanted to be absolutely certain that once I left corporate life, our business was in a good place to ensure I would never have to return.
Tom and I have spent the last three years building this little photography business of ours. We’ve put in countless hours behind the scenes working on everything from our website and branding strategy, all the way down to the very expected job of editing all the photos we take. We started doing photography because it’s our passion to work with couples who are excited about getting married. If we didn’t love it so much, we wouldn’t put so much of our lives into it. But, everything has a limit and this summer, trying to do two jobs at once, I hit mine. For those three years, our lives looked a lot like this: get up, go to work, come home, eat, get back to work by editing and emailing clients. Coupled with my day job which had become increasingly stressful and required me to work more hours per week than before, the phantom work/life balance philosophy was completely out of whack.

So, I’ve been self-employed now for just over a month. My new co-worker (my dog, Mozzie) is really happy to have company during the day. One of my favorite things about working for myself is being able to go to the post office whenever I want. I know, this sounds small and insignificant, but it really is a luxury for me. I used to squeeze it in over my lunch break, either walking or driving to the post office in the short break I had in the day. Being able to go do errands like this mid-day is a seriously awesome thing.

What I finally realized is I can’t do it all. Especially over the last year, I kept telling myself that being busy was good. It isn’t inherently bad, but being busy for the sake of busyness can take over your life. Resting felt like laziness. These last few months have really reset my priorities and I’m learning that rest is good and necessary. Along with all of that, I can focus more time and energy on what I love to do – build relationships with our couples, continue to develop as a creative and photographer and living life to the fullest (or trying to).

Here’s to making the leap, continuing to work with amazing couples, and making dreams a reality.

photo by Geneoh Photography

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