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Scotland Travel on Film

A continuation of our Scotland travels in late April, these are my film photos shot with a Contax 645 on Fuji400H. Part 2, coming soon, will be Tom’s take on our trip. Whenever we travel, I carry my film camera and Tom shoots with our digital 5Dmiii. It’s interesting to see how different places and details appeal to us differently throughout the trip. This method seems to work for us and it means we’re never walking around with less than five to 10 lbs of camera gear.
As I mentioned in a previous post, Scotland is breathtaking. It’s full of history (we tried to cram before we left, but there are thousands of years of history to grasp) and beautiful landscapes. The people are so friendly, and of course, the accents are really delightful. We did a lot of driving while we were there – covering about 1000 miles in six days. We started our trip in Edinburgh, took a train to Glasgow, drove north through the Highlands to Isle of Skye, drove south again to Alnwick, England where we wrapped things up on Tom’s birthday with a rainy trip to Holy Island. It was an adventure and we always seemed to be on the go. We aren’t very good at relaxing while we’re on vacation, so it was per usual. If you’re planning on going, shoot me a note and I’d be happy to recommend a few favorite stops along the way.


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