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Why You Should Do a First Look

One of the most frequent questions we talk through with our couples is whether or not they should do a first look. Sometimes, when we ask this question, we see the guy wrinkle his brow wondering what a “first look” is. I get it – it’s wedding jargon that those of us looking at Style Me Pretty are so used to that we don’t even think twice about it. If this is you, a first look is exactly what it sounds like – the groom’s first look at his bride on their wedding day.
There are tons of advantages to doing a first look on your wedding day. One of the biggest reasons is that your wedding day is extremely busy, packed with friends and family and it will start and end in what feels like minutes. Having a first look means having a few minutes alone with your groom where you can hug and laugh and talk to each other before the busyness of the day really begins. Sometimes family and some of the bridal party wants to come watch, but we always insist that the first look is a moment to be shared between you and your groom.

2014-10-10_0002Another reason to do a first look is to help with the timeline of the day. When you see each other before your ceremony, that means we can do all family photos and most bridal party photos at that time, too. That means after the ceremony, your mom can go talk to her cousins, your bridal party can hang out with your friends, and you can actually attend your cocktail hour to spend time with the family and friends who have come to celebrate with you.

Doing a first look takes the pressure off for the more formal photos, since those will be done by the time you’re officially married. When we got married, we debated whether or not to see each other ahead of time. Our photographers gently suggested that we do a first look and I’m so glad we did. We had the moment of calm. We were both still tear-filled during our ceremony. And, we got to enjoy more time with our friends and family.

We are adamant that your wedding day isn’t meant to be a photo shoot. We want you to remember the time you spent with each and every guest, also giving us time to capture candid moments that you will relive for decades to come. So, if you’re debating whether or not to see each other before your ceremony, our suggestion will always be yes. Yes, see each other – savor every moment together you have on your wedding day.



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